The Hub Athabasca University launches improved website

Website revamp enhances online experience

Athabasca University’s (AU) website has undergone major changes to enhance the online experience for visitors.

The university’s website,, features a refreshed information architecture, improved navigation, a more engaging design, and updated content. The improvements are part of a year-long overhaul led by AU’s digital and web operations team.

“Our goal was to gain a deep understanding of our users’ expectations and experiences with the current website,” explained Rodrigo Silva, manager of digital and web operations and the project lead. “We wanted to ensure that the new website not only meets but exceeds these expectations. We are very confident that we’ve delivered on our goals and are proud of the end result.”

Accessibility improvements promote inclusion

The website launch marks a significant milestone in AU’s commitment to continually improving user experiences and adapting to evolving digital expectations. The project involved extensive research and collaboration across AU departments and units and with students—current and prospective—and alumni.

“Their input has been instrumental in shaping the direction of the website’s redesign,” Silva said.

One of the primary objectives of the redesign, he added, was to optimize the website for search engines and to create a seamless experience for visitors.

This includes enhanced accessibility features to ensure that AU’s digital offerings are inclusive and welcoming to all.

“As an open university, we’re committed to removing barriers to learning. It defines who we are, and that’s what we want visitors to experience with the new website as they find the information they need.”

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