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Post-RN Bachelor of Nursing

Get a baccalaureate degree that builds on your established nursing practice. Augment your knowledge and skills in nursing informatics, nursing research, primary health care, leadership, management, and family and community health promotion.

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Program details

The Post-RN Bachelor of Nursing is a 90-credit online degree program. You are awarded up to 45 credits from our registered nurse diploma program. A further 45 credits are required. You must complete at least 15 nursing credits through Athabasca University (AU).

All courses are online individual study, allowing you to complete the course work at your own pace. You have the option to take some graduate level courses, which are paced (course work must be completed on a fixed schedule).

All AU nursing courses are mapped to the most current entry-level competencies for the practice of registered nurses as determined by the College of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CRNA).

You can finish this program in as little as 2 years of full-time study, or you can work at your own pace to complete within 5 years of enrolment.