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Student life in the Faculty of Health Disciplines

Health education at Athabasca University

The number of career avenues open to health practitioners is growing at a rapid pace. No matter where you live or what types of patients you want to work with, AU’s flexible learning can help you take the next step in your health administration, counselling, or nursing career.

Learning online

Online learning is not simply transferring face-to-face content into digital form. We use many different resources to create engaging content and environments that drive student and faculty engagement and success.

In FHD, both undergraduate and graduate learners tailor their learning by applying their own professional background and experiences. Course assignments are relevant and personalized to ensure the deepest learning and practical application.

We are serious about providing the best online health education. Our faculty members, instructors, and tutors provide continuous feedback and evaluation throughout each course. Different learning needs are recognized and considered in our course delivery.

Learning support

Whether you’ve been a learner with AU for a while or are just starting your educational journey, you might not be aware of all the learner support services available to you!

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