The AU Faculty of Graduate Studies

Enhancing the graduate learner experience

At the Faculty of Graduate Studies, we support AU graduate students and promote excellence in graduate education, research, and scholarly activities.

We work with AU’s faculties to create policies and best practices in all graduate programs. Achieving high-quality curriculum and promoting intellectual communication between our graduate students and our faculty are among our priorities.

As an online university, we know the importance of a flexible, accessible education. We are proud to support our graduate students as they achieve their dreams on their terms.

A message from the dean

Welcome to the Faculty of Graduate Studies! As a graduate student you are a part of our AU community, both within the faculty of your program of study and within our faculty.

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Research resources

Research is a key part of the graduate learning experience. We have compiled a set of research resources to support you in this part of your educational journey. The resources include links to webinars, workshops, and writing resources, as well as information on:

  • finding a thesis or dissertation supervisor
  • research ethics
  • funding opportunities
  • software tools
  • avoiding predatory conferences and publications
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Western Canadian Deans’ Agreement

The Western Canadian Deans’ Agreement expands your study options. This agreement allows you to take required courses at another western Canadian university when they are not available at AU. You will receive credit toward your AU degree for courses taken under this agreement.

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What it's like to study in the Faculty of Graduate Studies

AU’s Faculty of Graduate Studies will challenge and support you as you pursue your graduate education. We create an environment that fosters flexibility and academic excellence through events, workshops, research opportunities, and learning support.

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