Message from the Dean

Dr. Shawn Fraser Faculty of Graduate Studies

Welcome to the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

As a graduate student, you are a part of our Athabasca University community, both within the faculty of your program of study and within our faculty. We are here to enable a community of successful graduate students, and we provide access to information and resources throughout the completion of your degree.

Athabasca University offers 2 doctoral programs, 8 master’s degree programs, and 13 graduate diplomas and certificates. In the fall of 2008, AU initiated the first online doctoral program in education that specializes in distance education in North America. The first online doctoral program in business administration in Canada opened in 2009.

As a graduate student, you will grow in your ability to analyze information and communicate your findings effectively. You will become familiar with new technologies and current approaches to deepen your understanding. You will develop more depth and breadth in your thinking, and you will contribute to understanding the past and finding our path forward into the future.

The Faculty of Graduate Studies is continuously working to enhance your graduate experience. We are confident in your abilities, and we look forward to helping you on your journey through your graduate program. Good luck in your studies and your new adventure!

Dr. Shawn Fraser
Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies

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