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Science labs

A great deal of almost any scientific study is the hands-on component that allows you to experiment, discover, and discuss theories and principles in the real world.

Through labs that comprise part or all of an Athabasca University Science course, you have an opportunity to apply theories and principles covered by the course materials in individualized study (formerly home study) or instructor based study (in a classroom), as well as learn to illustrate and demonstrate important scientific concepts required to conduct legitimate and credible research.

Please review the lab schedules, and confirm your lab one month prior to the expected start date.

Before you begin each lab or experiment, please review our safety section AND the safety notes provided. Our motto is firm: the only good experiment is a safe experiment.

Athabasca University labs are held in Athabasca, Edmonton, Calgary and other Alberta locations. A few labs are located in other provinces. Refer to the lab schedule for the respective location.

At certain times of the year, it is possible for a student to complete two or more labs in consecutive weeks.

You are responsible for arranging and paying your transportation, accommodation, and meal costs.

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