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Dr. Lisa Carter

Dr. Lisa Carter

Associate Professor

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Throughout her career, Dr Lisa Carter has dedicated her academic and professional experience in making a difference in science. Lisa earned her PhD degree in Australia (University of New South Wales), and subsequently worked in post-doctoral studies in Calgary, Alberta (University of Calgary). During the early years of her career, Lisa gained research experience studying receptors of autoimmune diseases and later, investigating the association of the nervous system influence on inflammatory responses at the cellular level. Upon recruitment to Athabasca University, Lisa was instrumental in the development and teaching of,courses in anatomy and physiology, microbiology, and cell biology. Some of her accomplishments include contribution to the development of the BSc Human Science program, which offers laddering opportunities for technologists and technicians, development of state-of-the-art teaching and research laboratories in Athabasca University central campus, and development of the BSc in Architecture program, and Indigenous community involvement in learning opportunities, and more recently, in community-based environmental monitoring. Lisa has served in various capacities as Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology (two terms), Director of Arts and Science, Acting Associate Vice President, Academic, and Centre Chair (Science). Lisa is a passionate advocate and contributor to mentorship activities in various capacities. She has been awarded the Craig Cunningham Award for Teaching Excellence and was bestowed as Honorary Member of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada. Lisa served as President of the Alberta Women's Science Network and the Canadian Coalition of Women in Engineering, Science, Trades and Technology and has co-founded science awareness building in the town of Athabasca through Science Outreach-Athabasca. Lisa is deeply committed to the success of others and strengthening relationships that can support these successes.

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