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As a program student at Athabasca University your prior post-secondary education will be considered for transfer credit toward your AU credential.

In general, courses offered for credit at other accredited institutions will be considered for transfer credit to Athabasca University. Through articulation agreements with other institutions, we also accept many college diplomas and other credentials as blocks of transfer credit toward Athabasca University programs. In these cases, the student's transcript is reviewed, and transfer credit is awarded as a block of credit rather than on a course-by-course basis. If no articulation agreement is in place, your prior education will be assessed on an individual basis.

This transfer credit search site provides information on the courses and programs that we have previously reviewed. The "Version reviewed" date is the date the course or program was offered at the home institution. Since courses and programs change from time to time it may be that your version of the course is different than the reviewed version, and so a detailed course outline may be requested at the time of your evaluation. If you do not see your course or program on our site, it means we have not reviewed it yet. AU program students will have the opportunity to submit detailed course outlines, if required, at the time of their evaluation.

If you are unable to find your institution listed in the search site it may be that the institution has changed names. Our database only lists an institution's current name. Alternatively, we may not have reviewed courses or programs from that particular institution and it is not in our database.

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