The Hub 5 AU researchers rank among world’s most-cited academics

5 AU researchers rank among world’s most-cited academics

By: AU Staff

Stanford University scholar publishes analysis of citations from calendar year 2022

Five Athabasca University (AU) researchers are among the top 2% of academics in the world in their areas of study, according to an analysis of research citations.

Researchers including Dr. Sabine Graf and Dr. Junye Wang (Faculty of Science and Technology); professors emeriti Dr. Terry Anderson (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences) and Dr. Norman Temple (Faculty of Science and Technology); and AU President Dr. Alex Clark were among the world’s most-cited academics, according to an analysis by Dr. John P.A. loannidis of Stanford University.

Most-cited refers to the frequency with which other academics cited, or referenced, their research.

“As an open and research-intensive university, impact really matters to us at AU. Seeing diverse academics from across AU, including our president, lead and influence transformative change through their discoveries and innovations truly connects their important work to our ‘why’ and highlights their leadership,” said Dr. Andrew Perrin, associate vice-president of research. “It also speaks so encouragingly to our commitment to research in our forthcoming AU strategic plan.”

Ioannidis’s analysis produced a list of 100,000 academics who published at least five papers during the calendar year 2022. He classified researchers into 22 scientific fields and 174 sub-fields.

Using data from Elsevier’s database, Scopus, he examined citations of research articles, h-index—a rating that measures the productivity and impact of a researcher’s work—and other metrics.

Ioannidis’s analysis was published in fall 2023. Read more about the project on Elsevier’s website.

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  • April 19, 2024
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