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Three benefits of professional development


Many workplaces have shifted to working from home amidst these uncertain times. But working remotely doesn’t mean you have to put your career development on hold.

If you find that you have some extra time and want to advance your skills from the comfort of your own home, online professional development courses may be right for you.

Here are three benefits to pursuing online professional development:

1. A boost in energy and creativity

While it’s true that practice can make perfect, it can also nudge you toward a well-worn rut of the same tactics day in and day out.

Professional development opportunities are often an excellent way to shake off the status quo and start taking a more dynamic approach to everyday operations. Exposure to new theories and methods can provide the zap of energy you need to increase your efficiency, ingenuity, and capacity for problem-solving. As a team member, this can accelerate your rise through the ranks.

As a leader, this can increase your team’s output. Applying a fresh perspective or knowledge to those you motivate can inspire similarly positive, productive, and re-energized results.

2. An increase in confidence and credibility

This one’s a no-brainer: The more tools you have in your professional toolkit, the more confident you’ll feel about your ability to lead, deliver, make decisions, and—most of all—to thrive. Each PowerED™ course is short and stack together to develop competencies by giving you real-world information focused on practical application, which means you’ll learn concepts and skills that you can apply to your career immediately.

There’s more to continuing education than feeling secure in your own skills, though. It can also enhance your reputation as a laudable member of the team or a valued mentor. Professional development can make you the team player that others look to for guidance.

3. A resume booster

By continuing to develop your skills throughout your career, as well as keeping on top of your industry’s best practices, you can make yourself a more attractive job candidate when the need—or desire—to switch careers arises.

On-demand and just-in-time

If you’re ready to grow professionally and drive change, PowerED™ may be the right call. Our brand-new on-demand courses and certificates are changing the industry, one micro-credential at a time.

To learn more about PowerED™’s industry leading courses and certificates, visit the PowerEDTM web page


  • March 23, 2020