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Tips for new online learners

As an online university that lets you learn on your own schedule, it’s our priority to make sure your education fits into your life rather than forcing you to fit your life into your school schedule. That’s why Athabasca University approaches scheduling differently than traditional schools.

We’ve designed our admission policies and course structure with your need for flexibility in mind. This means that even though we do have many universal events and milestones, very few deadlines apply to all of our students. Your key dates may be different from those of your classmates.

AU, anytime

You can apply to AU anytime without a deadline. All undergraduate programs enrol students year round. Just keep in mind that after your program application gets approved you will still need to register for courses to get started.

Courses start on the first of each month, with a registration deadline of the 10th of the previous month. So for example, to start a class September 1, you would need to register by August 10.

Transitioning to online

Because of COVID-19, a lot of learners are in a flux position—unsure the status of their next courses, physically or otherwise. As such, many may be looking to take their first course but finding the entire process a bit intimidating.

To help make it a bit easier, we reached out to some current learners on social media for the tips for new learners. Here’s what they came back with.

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  • August 4, 2020