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School of Computing and Information Systems - Visiting/unclassified students

Undergraduate students

If you are interested in taking credit courses from AU but do not wish to apply those courses towards a degree, diploma or certificate program at this time, or are a student attending a different post-secondary institution and would like to take a course through AU to use towards that credential, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Fill out the Undergraduate General Application, indicating that you do not wish to enrol in an AU program.
  2. Receive your AU student ID number.

As an unclassified student, you will enjoy all of the same rights and privileges as a full-time AU program student. Once you are enrolled as an AU student, follow these steps to register for courses:

  1. Choose your courses. If you need help in deciding which courses to choose, contact an advisor.
  2. Log in to myAU using your student ID number and click on Register for a Course.
  3. Pay your course fees.

You’ll receive confirmation of your course registration within two weeks.

If you someday decide to enter a degree, diploma or certificate program, you can apply credits earned now toward your future program, as long as the credits you have earned are relevant to the credential you are seeking.

Graduate students

Please read the entire application procedure carefully prior to commencing with your application.

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