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Professional development

Research and Information Discussion (RAID)

The SCIS faculty host time for Research and Information Discussion (RAID) regularly. RAID agendas range from informal chat through discussion topics, to information sessions, and formal presentations dedicated to learning technology and innovations in digital education. Attendance is open to FST staff, faculty, and students.

Learning Café

Learning can be and should be fun! The purpose of the Learning Café is to provide a forum to present techniques and practices that motivate students and their distance and online experience in a fruitful and enjoyable one. Attendance is open to AU staff, faculty, and students, as well as external guests.

WHMIS course

The Faculty of Science and Technology is pleased to offer WHMIS, a new online course in workplace health and safety.

This opportunity has been made possible with our partnership with Gemini Performance Solutions, a company that specializes in the development of quality safety modules that are suitable for students, industry personnel and individuals who seek an affordable and flexible mode of delivery that is accessible anytime, anywhere.

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