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School of Computing and Information Systems - COMP 200 computer literacy quiz

Although described as an 'introductory' course, COMP 200 is not a 'computer literacy' course. COMP 200 serves as the starting point for students planning to take other Computer Science courses, and it is expected that students entering this field already have a good basic familiarity with and understanding of computers. This quiz is designed to provide one measure of your level of readiness for COMP 200. A poor result on this quiz may indicate a need for a preparatory or refresher course covering computer basics before attempting COMP 200.

1. The modern microcomputer:

2. The capability of a microcomputer can be expanded by the use of:

3. The operating system is the software that:

4. The motherboard:

5. Which of the following is NOT a function of the Windows operating system?

6. Windows is an example of:

7. Which of the following is NOT a type of operating system?

8. The use of icons, pointing devices, and pull-down menus occurs in:

9. An operating system is:

10. Random Access Memory (RAM):

11. A modern spreadsheet does all of these EXCEPT:

12. The correct hierarchical order, smallest to largest, for the following database terms is:

13. Which of the following can be placed in spreadsheet cells?

14. A binary digit is:

15. Which is largest?

16. The CPU exchanges data with:

17. The quantity of data represented by the term "gigabyte" would most likely be used to describe the performance of:

18. File organization in operating systems is:

19. The most commonly found image file formats on the Internet are:

20. Virus protection programs are generally:

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80 to 100 % - This demonstrates a good understanding of these concepts.

60 to 80 % - This demonstrates a fair understanding of these concepts.

Less than 60 % - This demonstrates a poor understanding of these concepts.

Please email the Student Success Centre at if you wish to discuss taking COMP 200 or starting an SCIS program.

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