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Faculty of Science and Technology research chairs

Canada Research Chairs

The Canada Research Chairs program aims to achieve research excellence in:

  • engineering and the natural sciences
  • health sciences
  • humanities
  • social sciences

Dr. Scott Ketcheson

Canada Research Chair in Hydrological Sustainability

As a field hydrologist, Dr. Ketcheson studies the movement of water between forests, wetlands, and streams in northern Alberta. His research program uses both traditional hydrological techniques and innovative sensor networks to gain a direct process-based understanding of the hydrological function and importance of headwater catchments for generating freshwater in tributary river networks within the Athabasca River Basin. Learn more about Dr. Scott Ketcheson. 

Learn more about Dr. Ketcheson's hydrology research

Campus Alberta Innovation Program Chair

The Government of Alberta’s Campus Alberta Innovation Program (CAIP) was designed to attract and recruit leading-edge faculty and related research personnel (e.g.: graduate students, post-doctoral fellows) in the following areas:

  • energy and environment
  • neuroscience/prions
  • food and nutrition
  • water

The focus of AU’s CAIP research is the Athabasca River Basin. The basin is home to a wide variety of industries, including forestry, agriculture and oil sands. The economic activity in this region has generated some environmental concerns, which are the focus of the research chair.

Dr. Chris Glover

CAIP Chair in Hydroecology and Environmental Health

Dr. Glover’s research looks at how contaminants (e.g.: chemicals) and stressors (e.g.: changing temperatures and water flows) affect the quality of the Athabasca River, as well as the organisms that live in the river basin.

Learn more about Dr. Chris Glover

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