The Hub Is taking an online math class hard?

Is taking an online math class hard?

Some students have a proclivity for science, mathematics, and other logical disciplines. It is often said that such people are left-brained, and if you do not possess the intrinsic ability to tackle such tasks, you are destined to struggle with basic math and science.

Of course, this line of thinking makes many assumptions, and it does not account for that range of learning styles and educational settings you might encounter.

One such educational setting is the online classroom. If you are researching online degree programs, you might be nervous about enrolling in an online math class without face-to-face contact with an instructor.

Is an online math class necessarily difficult?

Athabasca University boasts 22 online math courses, covering topics such as calculus, business math, differential equations, and applied statistics. Unless you are a math major, it is likely that many of these courses would be difficult for the average student, but an online math class is not necessarily any harder than an on-campus course.

A math course is just like any other online course: you need to be committed, make time in your schedule, and take advantage of the resources that can help you learn. The tips that will help you succeed in an on-campus math class can help you do well in an online section, too:

  1. Become familiar with the structure and expectations of the course
  2. Identify the key concepts and skills that you need to learn to succeed
  3. Plan in advance to complete homework, quizzes, and tests—and set aside study time for learning important ideas, too
  4. Build on the basic mathematical concepts you are already familiar with from your prior studies

Athabasca University offers online undergraduate and graduate programs in a range of disciplines. Whether you enroll in a math class or a business program, you will have the resources and tools you need to learn the material and succeed in your degree.

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  • April 26, 2019