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PowerED experts share top talks to inspire

By: Curtis Wright

Leading experts in leadership, digital marketing, and AI, share favourite Ted Talks and others that helped them develop professionally

An increasing number of individuals, teams, and organizations are pursuing professional development that is flexible and fits into their busy schedules. As we settle into the new year, let’s celebrate the changes and growth we saw last year, but also welcome fresh perspectives and ideas to further that growth. 

We reached out to several subject matter experts and leaders with PowerED™ by Athabasca University and asked them to share their favourite lectures and talks for when they need a creative burst of inspiration or grounding when life and careers get hectic.

Expert: Katrina Ingram, Artificial Intelligence Ethics micro-credential
Talk: Is technology our savior—or our slayer?, by Ruha Benajamin 

I’m a huge fan of Ruha Benjamin’s work in general and Is technology our savior—or our slayer? aligns with the ways in which I think we need to reimagine technology in service of people.”

Expert: Ilana Zinyk, Essential Skills for Leaders
Talk: The secret ingredients of great hospitality, by Will Guidara 

The secret ingredients of great hospitality highlights the power that human connection has to providing an experience that really sticks with people. Hot tips? Make people feel seen, make them feel welcome, and give them a sense of belonging. While Will Guidara uses his experience within the hospitality industry to illustrate his point, it really applies across the board. I think leadersand everyonecan increase their impact by practising these principles and being intentional about connecting with those they serve, whether it be their customers, clients, or staff.

Expert: Liz Pittman, recently launched Digital Marketing Specialist course
Talk: It’s not manipulation, it’s strategic communication, by Keisha Brewer 

Strategic communication is something I love to talk about and will likely discuss in sessions I facilitate. We as communicators have to provide value! When marketing to customers on social media, you must always ask yourself what is in it for themnot you! Keisha Brewer does a great job talking about this.

Expert: Brock Olive, director of PowerED
Talk: When did innovation get so complicated?, by Tom Pullen

“I’m a big believer in people centered innovation and organizational transformation and appreciate how Tom Pullen encourages the audience to focus attention on developing innovation talent as a key driver of innovation within an organization in When Did Innovation Get So Complicated?

Expert: Ian Stephenson, manager, client success and product insight, PowerED
Talk: Essentialism, by Greg McKeown

“I love the topic of essentialism because it is something that sticks with me daily and helps ground and balance my work and life. Greg McKeown outlines that we must become successful at managing success, and that the ruthless pursuit of less but better can help eliminate the trivial and prioritize the impactful. Essentialism is relevant regardless of industry!”

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  • January 22, 2024
Guest Blog from:
Curtis Wright