The Hub Who will be Canada’s next prime minister? Political experts discuss election 44

Who will be Canada’s next prime minister? Political experts discuss election 44

Did Justin Trudeau miscalculate by calling a pandemic? And are voters angry enough for change?

This coming Monday, Sept. 20, Canada heads to the polls to choose our nation’s elected representatives.

Several important issues that will shape this country’s future have dominated this election campaign, from COVID-19 recovery to child care and climate change.

To help make sense of the issues and how voters might respond on election day, we sat down with a pair of Athabasca University (AU) political science professors.

Dr. Paul Kellogg, professor and chair of AU’s Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies, and Dr. Mark Crawford, assistant professor specializing in Canadian government and democratic theory, break down the decision to call an election during the pandemic. They also discuss top issues parties are campaigning about, and share predictions about possible outcomes.

Did Justin Trudeau make a mistake by calling this election during COVID?

Justin Trudeau thought his government’s response to the pandemic would win over voters. That could prove to be his downfall, says our expert panel.

Are Canadians mad enough to vote for change?

Are voters so fed up with Justin Trudeau that they’re ready to embrace Erin O’Toole with enough numbers to change the balance of power in Parliament?

Will voters turn out?

The panel predicts how the pandemic and key issues such as climate change could affect voter turnout.

Could election 44 end up as a positive for Canadians?

Issues such as climate change, child care, mental health, and housing affordability are getting the attention of voters. And that could result in gains for some.

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  • September 16, 2021