The Hub Opinion: Happy New Year and cheers to new learning!

Opinion: Happy New Year and cheers to new learning!

By: Dr. Alex Clark and Bailey Sousa

As you contemplate 2022, move your learning zone from that which is easy to what is hard: learning about yourself.

What’s your main priority for learning in 2022? Not safe learning—like getting to grips with that new HR system or better at writing. No, the deep learning about yourself that must involve you getting personal, being vulnerable, and delving deep into your own discomfort and doubt. This self-learning entails what we call “self work:” learning about the very last things about yourself you want to acknowledge. Those parts of you that bring the most shame, most defensiveness, or, most likely, the most avoidance.

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Dr. Alex Clark is dean of the Faculty of Health Disciplines at Athabasca University.

Bailey Sousa is on secondment to the ministry of advanced education for the government of Alberta, from the University of Alberta.

They are both founders of The Effective, Successful, Happy Academic, and the authors of How to Be a Happy Academic.

  • January 25, 2022
Guest Blog from:
Dr. Alex Clark and Bailey Sousa