The Hub AU’s Dr. Gina Wong ft. on CTV Morning Live Calgary on Asian Gold Ribbon Day

AU’s Dr. Gina Wong ft. on CTV Morning Live Calgary on Asian Gold Ribbon Day

Today, May 20, is the inaugural Asian Gold Ribbon (AGR) Day and founder and professor at Athabasca University (AU), Dr. Gina Wong, joined CTV Morning Live Calgary to discuss why showing support and solidarity is so important.

“A large part of the inspiration for this campaign was my own daughters. As an academic at AU for 19 years, I never saw myself founding a racial justice campaign, but with everything happening around the world with anti-Asian racism, I didn’t want my daughters to grow up feeling shame like I did,” she said.

Wong explained that growing up in Montreal, she experienced significant racism, including be chased, kicked, and spit at. She emphasized that one of the main reasons she started this campaign was so that her children and the next generation of youth don’t feel shame for who they are.

“In this time of crisis, it’s really important to be loud and proud of who we are, which stereotypically isn’t what Asians do. We need to come out of our comfort zones and say, ‘enough is enough,'” said Wong.

The purpose of this day, and the AGR campaign, is to stand together in solidarity against anti-Asian racism, to embrace the beauty of the culture and heritage, focus on the mental health of Asians, and educate to raise awareness.

“Our global mission is to maintain the momentum of a 21st century Asian movement where we are an agent of social change. We want to condemn all forms of racism, not just anti-Asian racism and to unite in solidarity, to celebrate, rather than denigrate,” she said.

Wong has garnered support from many high-profile celebrities and public figures including Samuel. L Jackson, Adrienne Clarkson, 26th Governor General of Canada, Edmonton Mayor, Don Iveson, Toronto Mayor, John Tory,


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How can you show your support?

Asian Gold Ribbon logo

To show support, Wong is encouraging allies to wear a gold ribbon or a mask, add the insignia to your email signature, or update your profile photo frame on social media.

Watch on EarthCam at dusk when the CN Tower, the Princes’ Gates at the Exhibition Place in Toronto, the Toronto sign, and Niagra Falls (10 p.m. EST) light up in gold to celebrate Asian Gold Ribbon Day!

For more information and links to resources, visit the Asian Gold Ribbon website or read more on The Hub.

  • May 20, 2021