The Hub Convocation 2023 by the numbers

1,957 graduates join Athabasca University’s Class of 2023

When Athabasca University (AU) held its first convocation in 1977, the ceremony featured both members of the graduating class.

Yes, you read that correctly! There were 2 graduates in 1977, just 2 years removed from when AU was given the authority to grant degrees.

Compare that with this year when 1,957 graduates officially joined the Class of 2023. With grads from all 10 provinces and 3 territories, AU truly is Canada’s open university!

Check out these other fun facts about the Class of 2023.

Largest class in AU history!

Class of 2023 infographic features 1,957 graduates receiving 1,963 credentials

With 1,957 graduates receiving 1,963 degrees, diplomas, and certificates, the Class of 2023 is the largest graduating class in AU history.

Canada’s Open University

Class of 2023 infographic featuring 1,926 grads from across Canada

This year’s graduating class proves that “Canada’s Open University” isn’t just a fancy tagline. There are 1,926 grads from all 10 provinces, and 3 territories. Oh, Canada!

Global reach

Class of 2023 infographic featuring 31 international grads

Of course open, online learning isn’t limited by borders. The Class of 2023 includes 31 graduates from around the world, including the United Kingdom, the U.S., Japan, Mexico, and others!

Lifelong learning

Class of 2023 infographic featuring ages of grads including oldest, youngest, and average ages

As an open university committed to removing barriers to education, AU attracts students of all ages. From our oldest graduate, at 77, who first studied at AU in the 1980s, to the youngest grad at just 19 years old, our students reflect a true commitment to lifelong learning.

Graduates from every discipline

class of 2023 infographic featuring grads from 40 AU programs

Just as our graduates’ ages reflect a diversity of perspectives and life experiences, they also reflect a diversity in discipline. The Class of 2023 earned credentials in 40 different AU programs across our faculties.

Celebrating Convocation 2023!

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