Using search tools

How to use the homepage search tools


The Discover search tool allows learners and team members to search across a substantial number of resources using one search box.

Designed as an easy way to search across different platforms, it allows quick and easy access to a variety of resources, including many of AU's subscribed journal databases, selected open access journals and resources, e-book collections, and books and media from the library's catalogue. Discover utilizes a search interface already familiar to many AU users, and allows users to conduct both basic and advanced searches.

Scholarly article search

The second tab allows you to search for scholarly articles specifically. This search is a subset of the Discover search which filters out results such as books, ebooks, news, reviews, etc. that are not scholarly articles. This search limits your results to only those that are scholarly.

Journal title search

If you are looking for a specific article, or if you need to find out if AU Library has the full text of an article you have found in Discover, you can use the journal title search to track it down using the title of the journal in which the article was published.You can quickly see if AU Library subscribes to the journal you need.

Alternative 1

If you can’t access an article, but have the citation, whether from Discover, or somewhere else, you can use the journal title search to track it down using the title of the journal in which the article was published.

Alternative 2

If you are trying to track down the full text/pdf of an article you have the citation or information for, you can use the journal title search. Search the journal the article was published in and then select a vendor that provides access in the appropriate year and select the correct volume and issue number.

Additional resources

The third tab on the page allows you to search for books, ebooks, course kits, and other physical items in AU Library's catalogue.

How to use the Find Resources tool

Find resources provides a list of databases and other resources that AU has access to for you to search for your studies. These are sorted in alphabetical order, by subject matter, and by type of resource.

Find resources

How to use AU's digital collections

Including AUSpace, Digitization portal, DTheses, the Digital Thesis and Project Room, and the Digital Reading Room, these collections aid students, graduates, and researchers.

Digital collections

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