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Inaugural MHS/MN:Gen Town Hall Highlights

March 04, 2015

Thanks to those who attended.

PowerPoint presentation

Tips Discussed:

  1. Go to the AU Library – often!
  2. Work on your writing – early!
  3. Success in graduate online education involves self-direction, self-motivation, and self discipline.

Suggested writing resource

Questions Raised:

  1. Which courses that I take early on in my program? 608 Philosophical Foundations of Nursing or 601 Philosophical Foundations of Health Systems were recommended as good early-in-your program courses; also 604 Leadership Roles in Health. Another suggestion was to take required courses first. Another suggestion was to take courses as they apply to your current work responsibilities.
  2. When can I use my credential? Do I have to wait until after the Convocation at Athabasca? From Office of the Registrar webpage -
    “AU approves and awards credentials every month. For consideration to graduate, all students must submit an Application for Graduation form to the Office of the Registrar. All requirements for the credential (final grades; including grades for courses on Letter of Permission) must be received and processed by the Office of the Registrar by the 15th of the month in order to be submitted for approval the following month. For example, students who complete all requirements by September 15th will have their names forwarded at the October meeting.

    EXCEPTION: for Convocation in June 2015, Applications for Graduation must be submitted by April 1st, and all requirements must be met by May 8, 2015.”

Watch for next Town Hall – we are aiming for at least one per term.

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