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Manitoba RPN Prescribing

The government of Manitoba has amended the Regulated Health Professions Act to allow registered psychiatric nurses (RPN) in Manitoba to perform specific restricted acts in certain practice areas and with specific populations. The act permits registered psychiatric nurses, holding current licensure from the College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Manitoba (CRPNM), to become registered psychiatric nurse authorized prescribers (RPN[AP]) in order to make and communicate a diagnosis, prescribe certain medications and vaccines, fit certain medical devices, and order specific diagnostic or screening tests.

Athabasca University’s RPN(AP) Prescribing course comprises registered psychiatric nurses 2 modules that will prepare nurses to meet the CRPNM-defined competencies and standards of practice of an RPN(AP). This course has been approved by the CRPNM.

Manitoba RPNs will be in class together with registered nurses (RNs) from Manitoba.

The 2 modules in the RPN Prescribing course can be taken concurrently or sequentially.

Cost and registration

Module 1

C$300 + 5% GST ($15) = $315 (non-refundable)

Module 2

C$600 + 5% GST ($15) = $630 (non-refundable)

*Refunds will only be granted upon request when the course has not been accessed. Refunds will not include the registration processing fees charged by Eventbright.

Course goals

The Manitoba RPN Prescribing course builds on the basic foundational knowledge of pathophysiology, pharmacology and patient assessment acquired in nursing education.

Successful completion of the course prepares RPNs to meet CRPNM’s requirements for prescribing drugs and ordering diagnostic tests.

A certificate of completion is awarded when you have successfully completed the course exams, and assignments. A certificate of successful completion will also be sent directly to CRPNM.

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