Athabasca University has an open admissions policy, which is especially useful for entry-level university courses. While ideally you should have recently completed a senior high school chemistry course (e.g., Chemistry 30 in Alberta) this policy means that students without the formal prerequisite are free to attempt CHEM 217.

The following self test is designed as a diagnostic to predict your success in Chemical Principles I (CHEM 217). It will assess your science background as well as your grasp of some conceptual basics in chemistry. It will also test some of your skills in critical thinking, problem solving, and mathematics. It is not a final examination of senior high school chemistry and does not focus on any particular chemistry curriculum.

The test takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and requires the use of a simple scientific calculator. Try to answer the questions as truthfully as possible to determine your prepararedness for Chemical Principles I (CHEM 217) at Athabasca University.

Chemistry Professor
Chemical Principles I (CHEM 217)



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