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Course Cover Image Chemistry 217 Chemical Principles I

If your official course start date is prior to February 1, 2007, click here.

Welcome to Chemistry 217: Chemical Principles I, the first of two three-credit courses in general chemistry. We assume that on completing Chemistry 217 most students will wish to proceed to Chemistry 218: Chemical Principles II to obtain a total of six credits in chemistry. These two courses provide an essential foundation for further studies in chemistry, biology, physics, earth sciences, or environmental science. They can also be used towards fulfilling the entry requirements for medicine, pharmacy, food science, agricultural science, forestry, and other programs. Wherever possible, the course material discusses the relevance of chemistry to the contemporary world. Laboratory exercises illustrate many of the theoretical concepts covered in the course, and give students an opportunity to develop practical laboratory skills. Together, Chemistry 217 and Chemistry 218 are equivalent to an eight-month, two-semester course in a traditional university.

Topics in Chemistry 217 include chemical reactions and equations; energy in chemical systems; and the structure and properties of atoms, molecules, gases, liquids, solids, and solutions. Click on the Course Outline link for a more detailed description.

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