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Writing and New Media

The Writing and New Media focus area (WRNM) is for students interested in all aspects of writing, whether professional, creative, and/or transformational. Key themes in this focus area include: (i) new forms and genres of writing and communication; (ii) writing for wellbeing, whereby the theory, research and practice of writing as a meaning-making learning process is studied and practiced; and (iii) exploring ways digital technologies are reshaping how we create knowledge and identity. Writing in this focus area includes a variety of genres including (digital) storytelling, creative non-fiction, personal narrative, and poetry. The WRNM focus area emphasizes both course work and student-directed, creative exploration in (writing) project-based courses.

This focus area will interest students wishing to explore the many ways in which writing is a creative, self-generating act that can not only expand self-awareness, but enrich critical self-reflection within the social, economic, and political settings of a complex and increasingly digital world.

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