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Global Change

The Global Change focus area is an interdisciplinary exploration of claims and realities of economic, political, social, ecological, and cultural aspects of globalization. The coursework in this focus area pays particular attention to the production and reproduction of inequities. Students are encouraged to take the foundation course, GLST 651: Critical Approaches to Global Change, to ensure that they have a good foundation of knowledge in global studies. We explore topics such as:

  • the impact of global ecological change
  • the role of emerging technologies in global change
  • the effects of neo-liberal globalism on the nation state, local spaces, and international governance
  • unequal impacts of global change at the intersections of Indigeneity, race, class, gender and other identities
  • resistance to and accommodation of global forces
  • critical tools of analysis to understand and engage with processes and agents of globalization
This focus area will be of interest to those wishing to engage in research and other work in the areas such as social movements, development, transnational solidarity work and inequity.

Foundational courses

Grouped study

grouped study foundational courses
GLST 651 – Critical Approaches to Global Change (3)


Grouped study

grouped study global change electives
ANTH 610 – Environment in the Anthropocene: Life Beyond the Human (3)
EDST 632 – Global Education (3)
ENVS 608 – Questioning Extinctions (3)
ENVS 670 – The Nature of Nature: Ecology, Non-human life, and Human Obligations (3)
ENVS 689 – The Political Ecology of Global Environment Change (3)
GLST 652 – Democracy and Justice in the Context of Global Capitalism (3)
GOVN 540 – Global Governance and Law (3)
GOVN 677 – Privacy and Transparency in a Networked World (3)
MAIS 635 – Equality in Context (3)
MAIS 663 – Critical Race Theory in Global Context (3)
MDDE 614 – International Issues in Open and Distance Learning (3)
WGST 505 – Decolonizing Mental Health (3)

Individualized study

individualized study global change electives
ANTH 591 – Ethnobiology: Traditional Knowledge of Plants, Animals, and Land in Contemporary Global Context (3)
GLST 650 – Sustainability in an Age of Global Change (3)
GLST 695 – Political Economy of Development – People, Processes, and Policies (3)
LTST 551 – World Literature (3)
MAIS 514 – The Theory and Practice of Trade Unions (3)
MAIS 638 – What I Tell You May Not Be True: Autobiography, Discourse Analysis, and Post-Colonialism (3)
MAIS 640 – Grounded Theory, Exploration, and Beyond (3)
MAIS 650 – Canadian and International Labour Education (3)
SOCI 539 – Sociology of War and Organized Violence (3)
WGST 547 – Rethinking Science and Technology: Gender, Theory, and Practice (3)

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