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MBA in residence

All AU MBA students must complete at least 1 in-residence elective, often referred to as a blended elective, as they are delivered with a blend of online and face-to-face formats. Choose between 8-week 3-credit courses or 10-week 6-credit courses, each containing 5 days of very intense face-to-face instruction*.

These courses include online course work, readings, group assignments, and a major individual assignment. Learning is anchored by the week in-residence. In-residence electives are offered throughout the year in major centres across Canada and may include Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, and Halifax. They are also offered in at least one international location each year. Some past international locations have been Singapore, Brazil, Germany, Mexico, England, Ireland, and the U.S.

3-credit in-residence electives are designed for completion over an eight-week period. This typically requires students to complete preparatory work consisting of readings, participation in course applications, and a short assignment in the first three weeks, followed by an intensive week-long, in-residence session. In most cases, in-residence courses will focus on both individual and group work and, in all cases, will require completion of an individual assignment during the four weeks following the in-residence week.

6-credit in-residence electives are designed for completion over a ten-week period. The workload is the equivalent of taking one 3-credit online elective plus one 3-credit in-residence elective at the same time. As a bonus, although you have an intense and heavy workload during the course, you can complete it and earn 6 credits in a condensed period of time.

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