English (ENGL) 431
Canadian Drama

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Delivery mode: Individualized study
Credits: 3 - Humanities
Prerequisite: ENGL 211 and ENGL 212 or equivalent first year English course(s). A knowledge of the history of drama is advised.
Precluded course: ENGL 331 (ENGL 431 may not be taken for credit if credit has already been obtained for ENGL 331.)
Centre: Centre for Language and Literature
Challenge for Credit: This course has a Challenge for Credit option.

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This course surveys representative Canadian works from the 1930s to the present, focusing on theatrical innovation or derivation, recurrent themes, sociological or psychological orientation, use of language, and stage imagery. The course examines plays by Michael Cook, John Coulter, Robertson Davies, Gratien Gélinas, David Freeman, David French, John Herbert, Sharon Pollock, Gwen Pharis Ringwood, George Ryga, Allan Stratton, Michel Tremblay, George Walker, and Herman Voaden.


  • Unit 1 Reviewing History
  • Unit 2 Reassessing Roles
  • Unit 3 Scrutinizing Society
  • Unit 4 Portraying Families
  • Unit 5 Writing Women
  • Unit 6 Probing Politics
  • Unit 7 Producing French


To receive credit for ENGL 431, students must achieve a composite course grade of at least "D" (50 percent). The weighting of the course assignments is as follows:

Essay 1 Essay 2 Final Exam Total
33.33% 33.33% 33.34% 100%

Course Materials


Benson, Eugene, and L. W. Conolly. 1987. English-Canadian Theatre. Toronto: Oxford University Press.

Conolly, L. W., ed. 1987. Canadian Drama and the Critics. Vancouver: Talonbooks.

Perkyns, Richard, ed. 1984. Major Plays of the Canadian Theatre: 1934-1984. Toronto: Irwin.

Plant, Richard, ed. 1984. The Penguin Book of Modern Canadian Drama. Toronto: Penguin.

Tremblay, Michel. 1974. Hosanna. Vancouver: Talonbooks.

Other material

The course materials include a student manual and a study guide.

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