The Hub ProctorU: How do I figure out what to do?

We know you have questions about booking your online exam through ProctorU.

The response to COVID-19 has meant that all in-person exams have been paused for right now. Please do not request a paper-based exam right now, but if your exam is offered online you can still take it through ProctorU.

We want to help guide you through the process to book an online exam with ProctorU, so we created this tool for undergraduate learners.

Online exam process tool

Answer these questions to determine how to book your AU online exam through ProctorU. We aren’t collecting any of your information from this. It’s for your own use and information.

Important notes about ProctorU

To book an exam, please set up an account through ProctorU and then book exam invigilation at least 20 calendar days prior to when you’d like to write your exam. Login to myAU and request your exam for the same date you’ve booked through ProctorU.

There are system requirements for using ProctorU.

We would recommend you test your system well in-advance of the exam and that you go through the pre-exam checklist as well.

Rescheduling ProctorU exams

If you cannot write your exam on the requested date or if you want to switch the date, you can reschedule your exam up to 10 business days after your original write date, as long as the invigilator can supervise at that time. If ProctorU has an availability that works better for you, rebook with them directly.

To reschedule your exam, you have to contact ProctorU directly. ProctorU will also be the point of contact for information about rescheduling the exam and any applicable fees.

The only time you would have to re-schedule with AU is if it is beyond the 10 business days.

Why is AU not waiving the fees to write through ProctorU?

ProctorU is a third-party service that AU has partnered with to host online invigilation services. ProctorU collects their service fees directly from students. AU has waived all internal fees associated with re-booking or rescheduling exams to try to remove some financial burden.

We recommend learners consider requesting a course extension (at no charge) to provide additional time for in-person invigilation to resume if they are unable to pay the ProctorU fee, are unable to meet ProctorU’s technical requirements, or have any other barrier to writing an online exam through ProctorU.

Please do not request any new paper-based exams at this time.