Psychology (PSYC) 465

Psychology of Sustainability (Revision 1)

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Permanently closed, effective April 20, 2017.

Delivery Mode: Individualized study online

Credits: 3

Area of Study: Social Science

Prerequisite: PSYC 289, or PSYC 290, or an equivalent introductory psychology course.

Faculty: Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

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Psychology 465: Psychology of Sustainability analyzes the problems of environmental sustainability from a psychological outlook and applies psychology to the solution of these problems.


  • Unit 1: Introduction
  • Unit 2: Behaviour Analysis I
  • Unit 3: Behaviour Analysis II
  • Unit 4: Social Psychology I
  • Unit 5: Social Psychology II
  • Unit 6: The Psychology of Environmental Stress and Restoration
  • Unit 7: Environmental Developmental Psychology
  • Unit 8: Humanistic Psychology
  • Unit 9: Solutions


To receive credit for PSYC 465, you must achieve a composite course grade of at least “D” (50 percent).  You must complete the nine unit quizzes and three assignments as well.

The final grade in Psychology 465: Psychology of Sustainability is determined by your performance on nine unit quizzes and three assignments.

Unit Quizzes Information Retrieval Bibliography Slide Presentation Total
18% 10% 20% 52% 100%

To learn more about assignments and examinations, please refer to Athabasca University's online Calendar.

Course Materials


Koger, S. M., & Winter, D. D. (2010). The psychology of environmental problems (3rd ed.). New York: Taylor & Francis Group.

Other Materials

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