Outsourcing and Logistics (LOSL) 559

Outsourcing and Logistics

LOSL 559

Delivery Mode: Online

Credits: 1

Prerequisites: None

Faculty: Faculty of Business

Program: Leadership and Management Development

Manager: Anshuman Khare, PhD

This 4-week course is worth 1-credit of graduate-level study.

Course Overview

Logistics is the art and science of managing and controlling the flow of goods, energy, information and other resources from the source of production to the marketplace. Due to advances in technology and global economic changes, the role of logistics has grown from national to global, from tactical to strategic, and from the backroom to the boardroom. While this course introduces the broad topic of logistics, it emphasizes integrated logistics—coordinating logistics activities to serve customers at the lowest cost—and logistics outsourcing, or hiring outside firms to perform logistics activities. In both integrated logistics and logistics outsourcing, the role of relationships is an important factor. As part of the course work, learners will create a model for selecting a third-party logistics (3PL) provider for an organization.

Course Outline

  • Lesson 1: Integrated Logistics
  • Lesson 2: Types of 3PLs and Introduction to 4PLs
  • Lesson 3: Pros, Cons, Costs, and Benefits of Outsourcing
  • Lesson 4: Relationships with 3PLs

Course Objectives

After completing this course, learners will be able to:

  • outline the fundamental concepts of logistics, including its basic functions, objectives, tools, and issues;
  • describe the different types of logistics providers and the services they provide;
  • determine whether an organization should outsource its logistics in whole or in part;
  • describe the process of selecting a logistics provider and maintaining a relationship with that provider.

Student Evaluation

Students will be evaluated based on their participation in weekly online discussions (50%) and one comprehensive written assignment (50%). To pass the course, students must achieve 60% or more on each of the credit activities.

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