Governance Courses Challenge Evaluation

The challenge for credit option allows you to demonstrate that you are proficient in the subject matter of a specific Athabasca University course without having to complete the entire course. You must demonstrate prior knowledge and expertise in the subject area. Using a predetermined process, this option allows you to challenge courses based on your previous work, life experience, or community service.

Before you consider challenging a course, please review the Challenge for Credit section in the online Calendar.

Some important facts regarding challenging a course:

  1. You cannot withdraw or extend your challenge course.
  2. You may write only one examination. There are no provisions to write a supplemental or multiple examinations.
  3. You have three months to complete the challenge course.
  4. In some challenge courses, you must complete the assignments within six weeks of receiving the material.
  5. Tutor support is not available during a challenge.
  6. You have one opportunity to challenge a course. You may not re-challenge it.
  7. Prerequisites must be satisfied unless the course coordinator waives them. After completing a challenge course successfully, you may not challenge a prerequisite to that course.
  8. You are allowed only one registration in each challenge course. Re-registrations, for any reason, are not permitted.
  9. If you do not complete your challenge course, you will be assigned a system grade of “F” three months after the course contract end date.
  10. Funding for challenge courses is not available through student financial aid.

Students who are challenging Governance courses are required to complete the course's written assignments and write the challenge examination. Students should submit their completed assignments with their final  examination.

Each course will be evaluated as follows.

Course Written Assignment 1 (%) Written Assignment 2 (%) Written Assignment 3 (%) Challenge Exam (%)
GOVN 301 10 10 10 70
GOVN 380 25     75
GOVN 390 10 15   75
GOVN 400 15 15   70
GOVN 403 5 10 15 70
GOVN 405 5 15   80
GOVN 440 5 10   75
GOVN 450 10 15   75

Before you register!

  1. Consult the course coordinator
  2. If you haven't done so already, complete and submit the Undergraduate General Application Form.
  3. Complete and submit the Challenge for Credit Form to the Office of the Registrar.