ENGL 591

3 - Cultural Studies - Directed Studies in Literature

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Delivery Mode: Individualized-Study
Precluded course: ENGL 591 cannot be taken for credit if credit has already been obtained for Athabasca University's ENGL 491.
Prerequisite: Extensive course work in a Humanities or Social Science area.

Note: This course is closed to online registrations, please contact the MAIS Office for assistance.
Students are asked to contact either Dr. Joe Pivato, Dr. Anne Nothof, or Dr. Veronica Thompson, prior to registering for ENGL 591, to request assistance in identifying areas of study and to determine availability. Please review faculty members' areas of research and teaching interests on the MAIS Faculty web site.

English 591: Cultural Studies is designed to help students explore the nature of cultural studies, and to develop a project on a particular topic. Students learn about the theories and practices of cultural studies, do research work on their chosen topic and produce a major research paper. Students have the following general topic areas from which to choose: cultural studies theory, film and media studies, postcolonial studies, contemporary literary theory, feminist and gender studies and Canadian studies.

Students are assessed on the basis of the documentation of the stages for their research project and on the major research paper. The topic for the research project is developed in consultation with the course professor.

English 591 will be of particular interest to students in the MAIS program who wish to focus in the following areas: Cultural Studies, Canadian Studies, Education and Feminist and Gender Studies.

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Student Evaluation

To receive credit for English 591, you must achieve a final grade of at least 50 per cent. The following chart summarizes the course activities and the credit weight associated with each assignment.

Course Activity Weighting
Project outline and detailed proposal 10%
Report on progress of project 10%
Finished research paper 70%
Complete bibliography for project 10%
Total 100%

Course Materials

The course materials for English 591: Cultural Studies are listed below. If any of these materials are missing, please contact the Course Materials Production Department by phone 1-800-788-9041 or e-mail cmat@athabascau.ca.


Athabasca University materials

Study Guide: The English 591 Study Guide contains essential information about the course and the procedures you should follow to complete it successfully. Please read through this entire document before you begin your studies.

Forms: The forms you will need to submit assignments or notify the University of a change in your status as a student.