Laboratory (Biology) (LABB) 325

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Delivery Mode: LABB 325 is an independent lab. Four days of in-person supervised laboratory work offered four times per year in either Calgary or Athabasca, Alberta.

Check dates and locations of supervised lab prior to registering for the course. This course is charged a lab fee.

Credits: 1

Area of Study: Science

Prerequisite: Completion of BIOL 325 or an equivalent microbiology course, and permission of the course instructor.

Faculty: Faculty of Science & Technology

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Note: LABB 325 is a separate independent laboratory course. Students registering in BIOL 325 should not register for LABB 325, as the BIOL 325 registration includes the laboratory component.


LABB 325 is a one-credit course designed to provide laboratory experience for students who have taken BIOL 325 or another introductory microbiology course and require more lab experience for lab transfer credit. This course is also open to people, such as teachers, who have some microbiology background but wish to update or upgrade their lab skills and knowledge in the area of microbiology. The course consists of four days of lab exercises and a post-lab assignment.


Day 1

  • Safety orientation
  • Exercise 1: Introduction to the Microscope
  • Exercise 2: Wet Mount Technique
  • Exercise 3: Bacterial Gram Stain Technique
  • Exercise 4: Streak Plate Method of Bacterial Isolation
  • Exercise 5: Aseptic Techniques
  • Bacterial ID Project: Identification of bacterial unknowns (4 days to complete)

Day 2

  • Exercise 6: Selective, Enrichment, and Differential Media.
  • Exercise 7: Differential Stains
  • Exercise 8: Differential Tests
  • Bacterial ID Project: Identification of bacterial unknowns (continued)

Day 3

  • Exercise 9: Bacterial Growth/Microbial Quantitation
  • Exercise 10: Sterilization
  • Exercise 11: Antimicrobial Agents
  • Bacterial ID Project: Identification of bacterial unknowns (continued)

Day 4

  • Exercise 12: Environmental Microbiology
  • Exercise 13: Industrial Microbiology
  • Exercise 14: Medically Important Bacteria and Normal Flora
  • Exercise 15: Immunology. Precipitin tests and Blood Typing
  • Bacterial ID Project: Identification of bacterial unknowns (completed)


To receive credit, you must obtain a course composite grade of at least ā€œDā€ (50 percent). The weighting of the grade is as follows:

Lab Technique Lab Exercises Post-lab assignment Total
15% 10% 75% 100%

The lab exercises will comprise the information collected and the results of the bacterial identification project. The post-lab assignment will be a short essay about the bacterial species identified by the student.

To learn more about assignments and examinations, please refer to Athabasca University's online Calendar.

Course Materials


Pierce, B. E., & Leboffe, M. J. (1999). A Photographic Atlas for the Microbiology Laboratory. Englewood, CO: Morton.

Other materials

Biology 325: Introductory Microbiology Laboratory Manual.

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