Online Professional Development

High-functioning workplaces are the result of strategic development. Acquire new skills or enhance existing capabilities with Athabasca University’s flexible, online, professional development courses and programs. Utilize your learning quickly with a focus on immediate workplace application and integration.


Do you have the skills necessary to build and lead a dynamic and empowered team? In today’s complex and fast-changing environment, leaders of today need to be agile, creative, and collaborative. Boost leadership skills with a comprehensive mix of theory, strategy, peer-to-peer learning, and facilitated coaching.

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Build and analyze strategic frameworks to create competitive advantages that drive business success. Athabasca University’s management courses and certificates focus on the foundational tools and theories essential to business management and solid strategy execution.

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Explore the latest digital trends and teaching philosophies for educating today’s tech-savvy learners. Athabasca University’s blended and online learning credential is specifically designed for K-12 professionals teaching in the digital era. Learn how to apply technology-based theory directly to practice while building expertise and growing your professional learning network.

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Corporate Learning

Athabasca University partners jointly with organizations, to add value as an advisor and consultant, to provide customized learning solutions that align to your business needs and unique culture building on existing leadership competencies and enhancing organizational strategies.

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