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Planning for academic success

By: Connie Covey, AU Counselling Services

Athabasca University is committed to your success.

There are procedures in place to support your short-term and long-term planning for success. Now is the time to pause and reflect on how to structure your study schedule in a time of uncertainty.

Although course extensions are available in the short-term, you also need to consider the impact of a course extension on your future study plans and long-term academic success.

If you are registered in more than one course, it is critical that you focus on finishing your current courses before starting new courses.  You will require a minimum of two hours of study each day for six days a week in order to complete your course successfully.  If you are registered in more than one course, you will need to multiply your daily study time by the number of courses you are registered in.  For example, if you are registered in three courses, you will require a minimum of six hours of study each day, six days a week.

During this time of uncertainty, some students’ schedules will be impacted by additional responsibilities.  We encourage you to carefully assess your available study time both now and for the next six months.  Course withdrawals and course extensions are two options available for your consideration.  If you anticipate that your available study time will be impacted as a result of COVID-19, you are strongly encouraged to minimize your course load both now and into the future to ensure your academic success.

Now is the time to plan for academic success.

Visit our website to access the course extension and course withdrawal request forms.

Other helpful resources

We understand learners and team members may have questions specific to Athabasca University arising as a result of this global pandemic. Please see our COVID-19 Questions and Answers web page for more information.

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  • March 19, 2020
Guest Blog from:
Connie Covey, AU Counselling Services