The Hub Artificial Intelligence and education: Dr. Vive Kumar featured on CTV Morning Live, Calgary

Artificial Intelligence and education: Dr. Vive Kumar featured on CTV Morning Live, Calgary

January 24 is known world-wide as International Day of Education, and as we’ve seen over the last 10 months, technology is playing a more significant role in education than ever before

On Jan. 22, Dr. Vive Kumar, Associate Dean of Research and Innovation with the Faculty of Science and Technology at Athabasca University (AU) joined CTV Morning Live, Calgary to discuss how Artificial Intelligence (AI) has shifted the face of post-secondary education. 

We have seen a huge technological shift from the ‘traditional’ ways of education – especially with the shift to online learning for students of all ages. And, over the last few years, we have seen an increase in automation and AI in all aspects of life.

Kumar said education is no exception. It is undergoing a major change, and these new insights have started being implemented into courses.

“One example of research within our School of Computer and Information Systems is about using AI to assess how well our learners are doing in their courses, which in turn can tell us how to improve as educators,” he said.

“Students are getting used to the notion that packaged knowledge can arrive on-demand to solve problems, just like water and electricity. Turn on the tap when you want that resource and turn it off when you don’t. Just like in self-driving cars where the AI provides the knowledge about real-world driving, on-demand.”

Within the Master of Science in Information Systems program at AU, learners explore how education packages arrive on demand and gain skillsets to create such knowledge packages.

In most of our programs across all disciplines, our students can learn about artificial intelligence and its implications on our society such as environmental health, politics, compassion and economy. At Athabasca University, we know learning is lifelong and is full of interesting challenges—and our grads are prepared to face these challenges,” Kumar said.

To learn more about artificial intelligence and machine learning at Athabasca University, visit the School of Computing and Information Systems, Faculty of Science and Technology website

  • January 22, 2021