The Hub Expand your mind with library resource guides at AU

Expand your mind with library resource guides at AU

Did you know that the Library and Scholarly Resources at Athabasca University (AU) creates resource guides for learners for their research? These guides can act as a jumping-off point when beginning research or a great place to explore a subject area you might be interested in.  

In collaboration with Dr. Tobias Wiggins, the Women’s and Gender Studies (WGST) program faculty, and Joanna Nemeth from Library and Scholarly Resources, a curated Women and Gender Studies resource guide was released.  

“I work with learners on their research and have assisted many students outside of the WGST department who are researching feminist and gender topics within their faculty. Having this resource curated by the WGST faculty to point them towards is extremely useful,” said Joanna Nemeth, Instruction & Reference Services Librarian.  

On top of being a great starting point for research, the guide will also showcase all WGST related content, including faculty projects, news, associated media, new and influential books, and WGST-related journals. It also connects learners to essential writing services such as the write-site, and intersecting fields such as Transgender Studies, Indigenous Studies, and Critical Race Theory.  

 A unique feature of the guide is the Intersecting Feminist Voices page, which highlights magazines, blogs, podcasts, and even museum and archival sources. These curated lists provide access to resources you might not have otherwise known about.  

As a learner, the guide will also help by providing information about using the library for your research, how to properly search, and citations. 

In addition to the new WGST resource guide, the Library and Scholarly Resources team created a guide for Indigenous Studies, where you can explore Indigenous voices, learn about Indigenous history and more. In the future, they are looking to expand library guides for various departments and faculties, so stay tuned for more information.  

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  • June 1, 2021