The Hub Congratulations Lyryx!

Congratulations Lyryx!

Lyryx Learning recently was honoured with an ASTech Foundation award.

What does Lyryx Learning have to do with Athabasca University?

Athabasca University Faculty of Business (AU-FB) has been associated with Lyryx Learning for almost two decades now!

In courses like ACCT 253, AU-FB has successfully implemented their assessment tools. By doing so, it creates a more efficient means for feedback. Teachers spend less time marking and students get instant feedback on how they’ve done in their assignments and quizzes.

Over the past five years, AU-FB has partnered with Lyryx Learning to develop open educational resources (OER) for three accounting courses. This means instead of a traditional textbook, the course relies on OER content (written and video) that is developed in-house by AU team members. Not only does this provide cost-savings for students, but it also means the content is fresh and built directly for that course.

And it doesn't stop there!

Due to student feedback, AU-FB has heard that they would like to see the Lyryx Learning assessment tool expanded into more courses. Not only will this shift courses more into a digital environment, but it also makes the courses more efficient. It eliminates time in marking and students get immediate feedback promoting independent learning through self remediation (aka a pedagogically sound learning tool!).

AU-FB students and industry see the value of Lyryx Learning

As an Alberta-made solution, Lyryx Learning is making a positive impact on education. Their work is inspiring innovation and has been recognized byASTech for their Outstanding Achievement in Information & Communications Technology.

Hear it from CEO Dr. Claude Laflamme below:

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  • November 21, 2019