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Writer in residence talk: INFINITY WHITE ON INFINITY WHITE

Date and Time:
November 30, 2023 3:00 pm - November 30, 2023 4:00 pm (Mountain)
Online event

Please join Athabasca University’s 2023-24 writer in residence, Christian Bök, for this discussion. This event will be recorded.

Bök is one of the founders of conceptualism, the literary movement that explores the “limit-cases” of writing after the advent of the Internet. In this talk, he plans to describe two projects that have earned him some global renown. First, he will discuss the poetics of monochromic abstraction in the recent legacy of painting, especially works that feature only the colour white in their palette. After this, he will showcase the influence of these paintings upon his own poetic output, entitled “The Kazimir Effect.”

Second, Bök is also going to present an introduction to another ongoing project, entitled “The Xenotext,” which requires him to implant a poem into the genome of a deathless bacterium, able to outlast the existence of our civilization). Likewise, he expects to perform excerpts of poetry from this project—many of these works written while serving as the writer in residence.

Bök looks forward to seeing you at this event, with much anticipation. He promises a “mind-blowing experience.”

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