The Hub SingularityU & #AthabascaU

SingularityU & #AthabascaU

What is possible in the future?

SingularityU is a curated, forward-thinking experience that looks at the way we live and work. The two-day summit allows guests the chance to engage with the brightest minds and explore the possibilities of technology, while gaining a real sense of the mindset and skillset that propels leaders. Here’s a look at the amazing leaders SingularityU agenda!

Guests can aim to leave with a profound and fresh understanding of what’s already possible, and of their role in leveraging innovation this unique point in history. It also will introduce you to a network of fellow leaders who are passionate about seizing the opportunities that new technologies present, for business, communities, and our world.

What does this mean for me?

Because of SingularityU’s rich content and topical themes, it integrates aptly within AU’s collaborative digital engagement space. As a digital-first university, this is a journey we want our whole AU community to have an opportunity to experience. A vibrant learning environment, driven by unparalleled content from industry thought-leaders awaits.

We’ve partnered with SingularityU as co-creators in this journey to bring the experience to you in the way that makes the most sense for our community – digitally!


The details

Use #SUAU on Twitter to link into conversations about the speakers and the innovative talks. Follow along with the SingularityU conversation using #SuCanSummit.

  • April 5, 2019