The Hub Myrna Kostash named Athabasca University’s 2022-23 Writer in Residence 

Myrna Kostash named Athabasca University’s 2022-23 Writer in Residence 

Acclaimed Canadian author Myrna Kostash becomes Athabasca University’s (AU) 13th writer in residence.

Myrna Kostash, a journalist and author of 11 literary and creative nonfiction books, has been named as AU’s 2022-23 Writer in Residence.  

Kostash’s nonfiction books include Bloodlines: A Journey into Eastern Europe, and Prodigal Daughter: A Journey to Byzantium, and the classic, All of Baba’s Children, which has never gone out of print since its publication in 1978. She has also written for other mediums including Chatelaine, Alberta Views, CBC Radio, and the National Film Board.  

Kostash was a founding member of the Periodical Writers’ Association of Canada, a former Chair of the Writers’ Union of Canada, and a former president of the Writers’ Guild of Alberta. She is a recipient of the Writers’ Guild of Alberta’s Golden Pen Award, and the Writers’ Trust of Canada’s Matt Cohen Award, which recognizes a lifetime of distinguished work.

Connecting to writing community

The role of the Writer in Residence includes advising authors on the writing process, from manuscript to publication. 

Kostash said she looks forward to connecting with writers in her own community of Edmonton, but also with authors from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. 

“I am looking forward to the unanticipated encounter with a piece of creative writing that arrives overnight into my inbox from cyberspace,” she said. “But from wherever and whomever the work arrives, I love the moment when, as I turn the first or second page of a submission, I am already immersed in a world conjured for me by a writer at work. We have already become collaborators.” 

Watch for more announcements about the 2022-23 Writer in Residence, including featured talks, question-and-answer opportunities, and giveaways! 

Book launch

On Oct. 6, 2022, you’re invited to celebrate the launch of Kostash’s new memoir, Ghosts in a Photograph. The event will be held at the Parkdale Cromdale Community League in Edmonton, Alta. You can find out more details about the book launch on the book publisher’s website.

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  • September 6, 2022