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Heritage and Social History

The Heritage and Social History focus area gives you a unique opportunity to study theoretical and applied issues in heritage and social history using an interdisciplinary approach.

Combining the fields of social history and heritage studies, this focus draws on the strengths of the History and Heritage Resource Management programs at Athabasca University to offer an interdisciplinary approach to the study of social traditions and institutions and historical patterns, with an emphasis (but not an exclusive focus) on Canadian history and heritage.

Foundation courses

Grouped study

grouped study foundational courses
HERM 501 – Issues in Heritage Resources Management (3)


Grouped study

grouped study heritage and social history electives
ANTH 610 – Environment in the Anthropocene: Life Beyond the Human (3)
ENVS 689 – The Political Ecology of Global Environment Change (3)
HERM 542 – Issues in Planning Historic Places (3)
HERM 561 – Advanced Issues In Interpretive Programming (3)
HERM 670 – Industrial Heritage (3)
HERM 671 – Documentation and Condition Assessment (3)
HERM 672 – Heritage and Risk Management (3)
HERM 673 – Architectural Conservation (3)
INST 511 – Indigenous Knowledge and Education (3)
MAIS 603 – Community Development (3)
MAIS 606 – Academic Writing for Graduate Students (3)
MAIS 620 – Digital Storytelling (3)
MAIS 625 – Critical Perspectives in Cultural Studies (3)
MAIS 665 – Cultural Studies: Reflections, Democratic Possibilities, and Futures (3)
WGST 505 – Decolonizing Mental Health (3)

Individualized study

individualized study heritage and social history electives
ANTH 591 – Ethnobiology: Traditional Knowledge of Plants, Animals, and Land in Contemporary GLobal Context (3)
GLST 650 – Sustainability in an Age of Global Change (3)
GOVN 500 – Governance and Leadership (3)
HERM 512 – Advanced Methods in Heritage Research (3)
HERM 691 – Heritage Diploma Practicum* (3)
HIST 632 – Gender, Race, Racism, and the History of Classical Scholarship (3)
MAIS 638 – What I Tell You May Not Be True: Autobiography, Discourse Analysis, and Post-Colonialism (3)
MAIS 640 – Grounded Theory, Exploration, and Beyond (3)
WRNM 605 – Creating Life Histories (3)
* HERM 691 may only be used by Graduate Diploma in Human Resources Management graduates.

Previous reading course topics

  • Imperialism: New Approaches and Perspectives from Cultural Studies, Human Geography, Literary Studies, and Social History (emphasis on Latin America); (Mike Gismondi)
  • Ancient Sexualities: The Ideology and Construction of Sexual Behaviours in the Greco-Roman World (Lisa Micheelsen)
  • Community Engagement (Shabnam Inanloo Dailoo)
  • Cultural Landscapes (Shabnam Inanloo Dailoo)
  • Global History(ies): 19th and 20th Century (Mike Gismondi)
  • Industrial and Agricultural Heritage (Judy Larmour)
  • Intangible Heritage (Shabnam Inanloo Dailoo)
  • Oral History: Issues in Theory and Practice (Judy Larmour)
  • Reading the Human Body: Representations of the Body in Art and Literature from Mediterranean Antiquity to Later Eras (Lisa Micheelsen)
  • Systems of Ancient Mediterranean Class Structure: Slavery, Wealth and Social Mobility (Lisa Micheelsen)
  • Values-Based Management and Heritage Conservation (Shabnam Inanloo Dailoo)

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