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Shandip Saha

Shandip Saha

Associate Professor in Religious Studies

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I am the program co-ordinator for the university's course offerings on religion and teach introductory courses on world religions, religion and popular culture, and death and grieving in world religions.

My research interests revolve around tracing the the history of Hindu and Muslim religious communities from the Mughal Period into the early decades of the twentieth century. My particular interest has been in tracing the history of the Hindu devotional community known as the Vallabha Sampradaya (popularly known as the Pushti Marga) as a case study to understand the dynamics of religious patronage in Northern and Western India.

My other interests revolve around the globalization of Hinduism by Hindu spiritual teachers and the changing styles around the performance of devotional music by professional classical and non-classical performers in the Indian subcontinent.

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Research interests

  • Comparative Religion
  • Comparative History
  • Religious History of India
  • South Asian Devotional Communities
  • South Asian Music

Educational credentials

  • Carleton University: B.A. Honors in History
  • Harvard University: M.A in Religious Studies
  • University of Ottawa: Phd in Religious Studies
  • University of Ottawa: Postdoctorate in Religious Studies

Professional affiliations

  • Member of the Regional Bhakti Scholars Network
  • Member of the Canadian South Asian Studies Association-Association-canadienne d'études sud-asiatiques (CSASA-ACESA)