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Dr. Nina Paulovicova

Dr. Nina Paulovicova

Associate Professor, History

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My academic career started in post-communist Slovakia when the public discussion was focused on the problematic genocidal past of this Central European country, which during World War II, was a vassal state of Nazi Germany. After I immigrated to Canada, my studies and research at the University of Alberta were heavily focused on the history and memory of the Holocaust. My interest in history and memory of the Holocaust has somewhat logically diversified around the problems that plague our society these days: systematic racism, antisemitism, islamophobia, the all-pervasive fears of refugees and immigrants and the upsurge of the extreme right parties and movements. I am a strong advocate of cultural diversity, plurilingualism and democratic linguistic citizenship in our community.

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Research interests

  • Holocaust and genocide studies
  • History of 20th century Central and Eastern Europe
  • History and politics of collective memory
  • Identity politics
  • Extreme right parties and movements
  • Power politics of authoritarian regimes
  • Inclusion of heritage languages

Educational credentials

  • PhD History, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada (2012)
  • MA History and English Language, University of Konstantin Philosopher in Nitra, Slovak Republic (1997)

Professional affiliations

  • Founder and Director of Slovak Heritage School (2017 - present)
  • IHLA (International and Heritage Languages Association) board member (2019 - 2021) and IHLA President (2020-2021)