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Picture of Religious Symbols Religious Studies 204: Introduction to World Religions

Welcome to Religious Studies 204: Introduction to World Religions, a six-credit junior-level course, designed to acquaint you with the major religious traditions of the world and with the academic discipline of religious studies. The religions are examined through a variety of means: their history, doctrines, literature, and rituals.

The course was developed by Philo Hove for use at Athabasca University. The author wishes to acknowledge the skillful supervision of Dr. Mary Richardson of Athabasca University throughout the development of this course. He also appreciates the encouragement of the members of the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Calgary. In particular, helpful suggestions were provided by Drs. Ronald Neufeldt, Leslie Kawamura, Wayne McCready, Andrew Rippin, Eliezer Segal, and Michael DeRoche.