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ENGLISH 551 Comparative Canadian Literature

Welcome to the course title page for English 551: Comparative Canadian Literature. This Athabasca University course is part of the Master of Arts in Integrated Studies, or MAIS, program.

From this site you can learn more about English 551 by going to the home page where you can examine the study schedule and many links to the authors and texts on the course. There is a good deal of material on Canadian Literature on the World Wide Web and here we will get the opportunity to explore some of them. Several of the links are to the Athabasca University Canadian Writers site where we have some original profiles on authors. This Canadian Writers site can also be reached through the home page of the Centre for Language and Literature, i.e. the department link.

English 551 is a 3-credit course which may be used for credit in various programs at Athabasca University. See the syllabus for prerequisites and delivery methods. For application to the MAIS program and other information click here.

Note that English 551 has a sister course at the undergraduate level called, English 451: Comparative Canadian Literature II and an introductory level course, English 351: Comparative Canadian Literature I. See also

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