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When marking your written assignments, your tutor will, if necessary, correct and comment on grammar and spelling. Recommendations of this type are intended to help you improve your writing skills. Grades will be based mainly on the content of your work; however there is also the expectation that essays be written clearly using grammatically correct sentence structure. You may use the Athabasca University Write Site to have your essays checked for style (not content). This is a free service that students are encouraged to use to improve their essay writing. Additional links to help you with this course are under the Resources heading on your course home page.

Listed below are the primary criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignments.

Relevance: Does the essay pertain to the assigned topic?

Definition and precision of terms: Have you clearly stated the meaning of the terms used, and used them consistently throughout the work?

Organization and analysis: Do your topics follow a logical sequence? Have you made connections between the various themes in your essay? Is there evidence of your own analysis of a particular topic?

Evidence of research: Do you support arguments with evidence from a sufficient number of reliable sources?

Accuracy of information: Have you made a clear distinction between supportable facts and your own opinions?

Logical consistency: Are your conclusions supported by the evidence in your paper?